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Dongguan Tangxia Hospital

Source:Risewell Date:2016-05-25 

Project: Dongguan Tangxia Hospital

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Products: DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Description: Tangxia Hospital, the new hospital, located in the center of Keyuan Information Industry Park District, is a large modern hospital built by three grade standard. After the new hospital is completed, will become the southeast of the Central Hospital in Dongguan and radiation town stream, Fenggang, Zhangmutou, Huang Jiang et al., Department of Dongguan City, one of the ten key projects.

Because Risewell Industries Co., Ltd Dongguan production base is in the opposite side of the project, the company's reputation, as well as the unique geographical advantage from the outset attention of Party and construction unit of Guangdong Guang-long Building Design Limited. 60,000 square meters of production base, modern production workshop and advanced management mode, reasonable price plus rapid quality service awareness, so that customers praise! That visit is completed orders, including nearly 200 bit outpatient building, medical technology building, administration building and the like. The project uses DEBO 1932 # Antique White and Nylon Elegance series accessories, overall appearance, generous, make you feel warm and comfortable!