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What is DEBO® Compact Fiberboard?

Source:Risewell Date:2018-05-25 

DEBO Compact Fiberboard is a durable compact density board made of specially treated wood fiber and surfaced with decorative paper impregnated in melamine resins. With a upper density of ≥1200kg/m3, DEBO Compact Fiberboard equips similar technical properties of well-known Compact Grade thick HPL, making it suitable for moisture and humidity environment or in applications requiring resistance in impact.

How does Compact Fiberboard compared to Compact Laminate?

Compact Laminate is basically made of Kraft paper while Compact Fiberboard is of wood fiber. The high density of Compact Laminate allows it to be extremely robust, strong and solid cored, ideally for highly demanding and heavy loading places. Compact Fiberboard is more widely used in interior environment, both horizontal and vertical building structure where aesthetics and durability are highly requested.

Comparison of Technical Data

DEBO Compact Fiberboard
DEBO Compact Laminate

≥1200 kgs/m3
≥1350 kgs/m3
Size Range
4' , 5' , 6'
Thickness Range

Water Swelling
Formaldehyde Emission
Reaction to Fire
B s1-d0
B s1-d0
Internal Bond Strength
Flexural Strength