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Anti-Finger print

Anti-Finger print

DEBO® upgrades the normal interior grade of DEBO® Compact Laminate (Solid Core Phenolic Sheet) with a special feature of anti-fingerprint performance.

Moreover, the surface is of low light reflectivity that is extremely MATT, and features a very pleasant soft touch. Thanks to the use of EBC technology, DEBO® Cleantop thermally heals any superficial micro-scratches.

Features and Advantages

● Low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface ● Anti-fingerprint, Antistatic, Hydo-repellent
● Resistance to scratches and abrasion ● Thermal healing of microscratches
● Soft touch
● Dimensional stability even at high temperature changes
● Resistance to impact, Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
● Hygienic, Suitable for contact with food
● Excellent intensity and colour depth
● High resistance to acid solvents and household reagents


DEBO Cleantop Anti-Finger print Compact Laminate is particularly suitable for kitchen counter top, dining table.

Quality Certificate

DEBO CleantopTM Anti-Finger print Compact Laminate is CE certified, in accordance with international quality standards EN438: 2005. It meets European standards of safety, health and environmental-friendly. Meanwhile, It achieves china national industrial standard and fire rated tests.

DEBO CleantopTM Anti-Finger print Compact Laminate has various colors. A variety of size, thickness, surface finish options are available to meet different application needs and decorative effects. For more details, please browse www.decorativeboards.com.