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Hygiene & Health are of significant important in our daily life. Whether at home and in public places, we are inevitably exposed to the microbial, especially in the area of hospital, restrooms, transportation, restaurants etc.

(Scientific data indicated that: 1.A public transport seat carries 125 times the quantity of bacteria found in toilets. 2. At room temperature, some bacteria may double their population in just 20 minutes.)

DEBO fulfills this demand by continually innovation, developing Compact Laminate (Solid Phenolic Sheet) with specially anti-bacterial function which introduces an additional layer of hygienic protection on the top of normal interior grade DEBO Compact Laminate. Thus, the surface has the utilization of the antimicrobial properties of active agent. DEBO Anti-bacterial Compact Laminate conforms to JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196: 2007 standard requirements to apply to the areas that directly touch humans body and foods such as table tops, cabinet doors, wall panels etc. DEBO Anti-bacterial Compact Laminate brings you long lasting resistance to microbial, and a worry-free healthy life.

Features and Advantages

● Anti-bacterial, Anti-mould, Anti-fungi ● Impact resistant
● Self-supporting, Enduring stable
● Hygienic
● Anti-bacterial breeding
● Water-proof, Moisture-proof
● Heat resistant, Steam-proof
● Extremely durable, Easy to clean


DEBO Anti-bacterial Compact Laminate is recommended to use for schools desks, railway station counter tops, hospital reception counters and wall paneling, household kitchen tabletops and cabinet doors etc.

Quality Certificate

DEBO Anti-bacterial Compact Laminate conforms to JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196: 2007 standard requirement. It's CE certified, in accordance with international quality standards EN438: 2005. It meets European standards of safety, health and environmental-friendly. Meanwhile, It achieves china national industrial standard and fire rated tests.

DEBO Anti-bacterial Compact Laminate has various colors. A variety of size, thickness, surface finish options are available to meet different application needs and decorative effects. For more details, please browse www.decorativeboards.com.