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DEBO® Compact Laminate is an extremely versatile building decorative panel. It is evolved from single-side colored and thin HPL, with excellent waterproof, scratch-resistant, fireproof, rich colors and plenty of outstanding product performance. It is suitable for interior environment, as horizontal and vertical structural support material. It is the best choice for damp, high-traffic, and heavy loading public places.

DEBO® Compact Laminate is evolved from the well-known high pressure decorative laminate. HPL is usually one-side colored decorative panel, which thickness is less than 2mm. However, DEBO® Compact Laminate is typically double-side colored and thicker than HPL, which can be used as decoration and structure.

DEBO Compact Laminate has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and safety performance. Compared with traditional particle board (Low Density Boards) and MDF, it's deserved as high density panel. It's not necessary to process PVC edging for Compact Laminate, and without lamination on the surface top, for which not only does it eliminate the processing program, but also it stands seamless from surface to edge, slender and textured, as one whole piece of the material itself. It can be used directly for drilling, lead angle, and other works by using standard steel alloy cutting tools. CNC machine can be used to cut any desired shape from the material according to the actual needs.

Features and Advantages

● Wear proof, Scratch proof

● Impact resistant

● Self-supporting, Enduring stable

● Total Hygienic

● Extremely durable, Easy to clean

● Water-proof, Moisture-proof

● Heat-proof, Steam-proof


DEBO Compact Laminate are widely used and recommended for toilet partitions, lockers, Interior wall paneling, industrial countertops, all kinds of furniture etc.

Quality Certificate

DEBO Compact Laminate has CE certified, in according with international quality standards EN438: 2005. It meets European standards of safety, health and environmental-friendly. Meanwhile, It achieves china national industrial standard and fireproof standard.

DEBO Compact Laminate has various colors. A variety of size, thickness, surface finish options are available to meet different application needs and decorative effects. For more details, please browse www.decorativeboards.com.