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DEBO® Labench is developed from Compact Laminate but specifically for laboratory benchtop. On top of the DEBO Compact Laminate, there is a special chemical surface layer which has a strong resistance to corrosion of acids, alkali and other solvent. It is also stain resistant, highly scratch resistant and has many other excellent mechanical properties. It is the best choice for contemporary education and laboratory worktop.

DEBO Labench is widely used in education, research, testing and medical laboratories. From middle school to college, from basic scientific research institute to industrial R & D institute, from health and epidemic prevention department to enterprise quality control laboratory, from the pharmaceutical workshop to the hospital laboratory cabinet & worktop, for which all you can use DEBO Labench chemical resistant Laminate.

Features and Advantages

● Anti-acids, Anti-alkali, Chemical resistant
● Impact resistant
● Self-supporting, Enduring stable
● Hygienic
● Anti-bacterial
● Water proof, Moisture resistant
● Heat resistant, Anti-cigarette burns
● Extremely durable, Easy to clean


DEBO Labench (CRL) chemical resistant Laminate are typically used in schools, hospitals and other research institutes as laboratory worktops, as well as for import and export inspection and quarantine departments' countertops etc.

Quality Certificate

DEBO Labench chemical resistant laminate has over one hundred chemical reagent test of international certification authority, and its CE certified, in accordance with international quality standards EN438: 2005. It meets European standards of safety, health and environmental-friendly. Meanwhile, It achieves china national industrial standard and fire rated tests.

DEBO Labench Chemical Resistant Compact Laminate has various colors. A variety of size, thickness, surface finish options are available to meet different application needs and decorative effects. For more details, please browse www.decorativeboards.com.