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HPL Locker

HPL Locker

DEBO keeps pace with the time, using multipurpose DEBO compact laminate and modern electronic technology to design and produce lockers, committed to providing security and peace of mind and convenience to users' lives. DEBO compact laminate lockers with waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-impact, safety and durability and other superior performance, which is the traditional wood and MDF lockers can not be achieved and the public's plastic and metal cabinets also can not comparable. DEBO lockers especially suitable and often required for damp places of fitness clubs, sauna rooms, SPA houses, swimming pools, Aqua Centers and leisure place. We can also design the locker based on your actual diversification, customization needs, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other high-end dedicated unique style lockers.

The Lockers mainly composed of cabinet and locks. Apart from the production of solid and safe cabinet, we also give full consideration to the ancillary locks. In addition to meeting security and the user's convenience, we also consider the convenience and maintenance costs of management, so that the ultimate customer can achieve the ultimate experience.