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Toilet Cubicle

Toilet Cubicle

Our brand DEBO, founded in 2004, is a leading brand in the field of public toilet cubicle systems. Shopping malls, business centers, schools, hospitals, sport centers, airports……, DEBO toilet cubicles are everywhere in commercial use.DEBO toilet cubicle system can be applied to both dry and wet areas. Economical or high end design, DEBO can offer you a rational advice which focuses on durability and low cost for maintenance without scarifying its using function.

The excellent performance of DEBO arises from the use of the original DEBO compact laminate which is extremely suitable for applications that are imperious to moisture, totally hygienic and virtually indestructible. Combined with modern hardware of various types, DEBO compact cubicles provide individual inspiring space for everyone. DEBO toilet cubicle system provides everyone an independent but inspiring indoor space.